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F4 feels so sanitized, like the entire commonwealth is just a kindergarten playground.

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Not having prostitution and slavery does not equal "kindergarten playground", I think this conclusion is very unfair. I don't remember seeing one slaver.

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So, what is the difference between small New England farms and large Plantations? Posted by 2 years ago.

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Because there are no slaves or prostitutes? You're right there ain't anyway there isn't ways of being very badthe closest is to "convince Magnolia" for a one-night stand I do not believe there are. I don't recall meeting a prostitute in Fallout 4. Fallout 3 had at least one.


The only time I really remember slavery explicitly in the base game aside from the obvious synth parallels in Institute is you being able to sell Billy. If you were "just" growing food, it would effectively cost more to run the farm, since you wouldn't be able to sell the produce for as much money.

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Characters will continue to prompt you if you want a relationship even after you tell them no in the un-modded game. Regardless though it never really added much to the narrative.

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I was sightseeing in Westside, and decided to know the locals by uh the Casa Madrid. Tobacco, cotton, indigo, sugar, coffee, so on and so forth.

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A state-of-the-art subreddit from Vault-Tec. More posts from the Fallout community. At least in my experience. Goodneighbor is pretty much the only place in the game that feels like it would have them, and it doesn't.

New England effectively cannot support plantation-style agriculture, due to the harsh climate and poor soil. Am I wrong? I can talk about slavery, not so much prostitution. Are there hookers in FO4? Continue this thread. Surprisingly, covering your map in raiders and general death doesn't allow for much in the way of Cvilized World Building.

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Historically, New England developed industries in Dairying the raising of animals for milkLumber, Fishing especially this. Much of New Columbia is heavily agricultural, dependent on slave labor to run the plantations that supply the rest of the Post-War US with cotton, tobacco and other trade goods.

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Um, if your Charisma is high enough you can sleep with Magnolia after passing three "Flirt" speech checks. In my overarching headcanon I use to write fanfics, slavery is illegal in the Commonwealth of New England, legal-but-frowned-upon in the Empire of New York, and legal and practiced heavily in New Columbia, a mish-mash of towns, city-states and kingdoms that stretch across most of the Pre-War South.

I don't recall meeting a prostitute in fallout 4

New England is called "Gods own rock garden", since the soil is thin, shallow, sandy and rocky, and therefore not suited to growing crops. That seems a tad silly imo Kindergarten Playground?

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I mean the whole point of the Synth plot was that they are basically slaves. Does that count? Diamond City would have it's possibilties too.

Agriculture is present obviouslybut isn't strongly entrenched due to the harsh climate and poor soil, and therefore most farms are small, family run, little-more-than-subsistence affairs. In the above industries, it would be difficult to run them with slave labor, due to the ability of the slaves to escape rather easily. Sides the way Fallout 4 handles it with companions is questionable as well. Created Oct 31, Top posts october 12th Top posts of october, Top posts Back to Top. Never crossed my mind you damn creeps lol.

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This got me thinking, I don't remember meeting a prostitute, of either sex, or paying for se Your loyal-to-their-partner character - be it Nate or Nora - doesn't "see" prostitutes, doesn't compute their presence. Historically, New England never had much slavery and, indeed, most New England states were quick to ban slavery, one right after Independencedue to the economic circumstances of the region.

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