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Cakoni was taken in by the police. Three years later, they wound up making a victim of Parid Gjoka, a young Albanian-American who was already well-established in the New York drug trade, and who the Krasniqis worked with when they first arrived. This was a few years before they made their reputation as two of the most successful, and violent, weed dealers and all-around gangsters in New York.

New York.

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About 20 bullets in all. They drove there and waited outside. And in Albania. They got one with a silencer, they got a.

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Bruno emerged, and got into a car. Twenty seconds went by. A guy named Erion Shehu known on the street as Lonkaa friend of Gjoka, was running Astoria, especially the illegal gambling operations.

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Almir Miri Rrapo, a former civil servant in Albania who aligned himself with the Krasniqi crew in New York, said the real giveaway that Gjoka was soft was the extent to which he was devastated by the loss of his girlfriend, a famous-back-home singer and violinist named Anita Bitri who died with her mother and 7-year-daughter from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Cela lost all respect for Gjoka and slammed the car door when he left.

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Lonka had had a gun on him. The Krasniqi crew was also getting ready for battle, and they had no such compunction.

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They sped away. In JulyGjoka's gang got a tip from Shehu, who was tired of the Krasniqis' troublemaking.

They went underground, moving from motel to motel. Bruno Krasniqi was in a strip club in Astoria. Bruno went to Detroit and got guns, bulletproof vests and ammunition from an auction. What follows is the story of a coup, in which one gang sensed weakness in another, and pushed the advantage.

Continue to article content. Rrapo said he was shaking and nervous.

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Gjoka and his associate Plaurent Cela went to meet the Krasniqis and their crew about 10 people outside of a coffee shop in Staten Island to ask for the money. He was connected to an Albanian gangster named Alex Rudaj, whose organization had fought the Gambinos for control of the gambling trade in part of New York.

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When they got to the Belt Parkway, they threw their guns in the water and hugged each other. Following close on the heels of the U. There were also arrests in New Jersey, Colorado, and Florida. They followed him, looking for a close shot.

Gjoka, Cakoni and Cela all drove to the strip club in a van. Shehu followed in his Jaguar. Next: The story of a tormented sidekick, treated by his associates as a nobody, until he turned on everyone.

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Kasa shot his Colt; Bruno, encouraged by Saimir, shot his 9 millimeter. Gjoka and Cela were side-by-side kneeling in the van, aiming their guns at Bruno. Rrapo and the Krasniqis, who had hung out with Gjoka a bit early on, didn't think he deserved their respect anymore. Some of the boys put their shirts over their he to disguise themselves.

They got a shotgun from somebody named Fat Tony in upstate New York. Almir Rrapo fled to Albania. He was on the phone with somebody inside the strip club who was feeding them information.

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Cela went over to attend the funeral. That was how they got their start.

Cela was on his knees, devastated. Meanwhile, the Krasniqis were beginning to attract the notice of the broader New York-Albanian organized-crime establishment.

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They got close enough, side-view mirrors almost touching. Cakoni was screaming and cursing at the police to call an ambulance, to stop pointing their guns at him.

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